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DJ Drops are one thing. I’ve got a ton of other stuff, just for professional DJ’s.

DJ Business Cards from DJ Emotion

Don’t do your own, cheezy-looking business card! Get one from me that’s professionally designed by a DJ Business Card designer.

DJ Business Card Design

DJ Business Cards




Get your DJ Business Cards Now!
$40 Today $30


DJ Press Kits from DJ Emotion

Entertainers and bands have Press Kits. DJs have Press Kits. They all get more gigs with them. Now it's your turn!

  • Make more money and get more lucrative gigs
  • Stand out above the rest with a professional press kit
  • Market yourself like the other DJ professionals
  • Gain higher impact than just a resume

See for more insights.


Custom DJ Logos


DJ Logos from DJ Emotion

DJ Logos


do logos DJ-DAY-LOGO1 Official DJ Rosskid Street Logo

dj_hero_logo Monster-dj-logo DJ E.M. logo DJ_ESQ_logo_w_transparent_background1 dj_logo_by_enviousness-d31mwia Ewglr


DJ Logos! Look more professional, and feel more proud!