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Who Am I?

Rob Nadigel and his alter ego DJ Emotion has been DJing around the world since he was 16. Growing up in Montreal, Canada he was able to spin at the legendary musical hotspot’s hottest clubs. When he relocated to Calgary, Alberta he continued to spin. But then discovered a passion for traveling all over the world DJing on cruise ships which is did for 13 years.

From his mid-twenties to mid- thirties Rob trekked around globe on a luxury liner. He explored the world and was privileged to experience some of the planet’s most exotic locations. One of his many passions during these adventures was documenting the highlights of his travels on video which are now popular stops on YouTube.

Rob was born with an entrepreneurial spirit taking every adventure in life and turning it into an opportunity. He started in 2009, a website that provides marketing tools on all levels including DJ Presskits, DJ Logos, Laptop Skins and much more.

Now with over 20 years of industry experience including his connections with the Cruise Ship Industry, Rob has embarked on a new journey. Rob now dedicates his time sharing his love of being a DJ by creating helpful marketing products for DJs in all walks of life

Mydjdrop is the newest project Rob has been working on. He offers DJ Drops | Intros | Commercials to DJs and people in the entertainment industry. Rob believes the only way to move ahead is giving 100% customer service and that's exactly what he does. Rob insists on calling every one of his customers and building a relationship.