Retro Old School (Vol – 4)


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Retro Old School (Vol - 4)

Retro Old School (Vol – 4)
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1 Your now listening to throwback thurs
2 totally awesome
3 Time for a throwback
4 Throwback classics
5 The 90s
6 The 70s
7 taking you back to the 70s
8 Remember this throwback classic
9  No drinks on the dancefloor
10 New music from the best DJs from around the world
11 Name the artist name the song
12 Make some noise for the world’s famous
13 Live on air
14 Lets kick it old school
15 Lets go old school
16 Keeping the party going all night long
17 Keeping it old school
18  Its the sexyest DJ on the seven seas
19  Its another throwback
20 Go hard or go home
21 Get ready for another exclusive
22 From back in the day
23 Everybody report to the dancefloor
24 Everybody on the beach your partying with
25 DJ of the year
26 Bringing back the 80s
27 Back in time with effects
28 americas hottest
29 80s rewind
30 70s 80s 90s


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Retro Old School (Vol - 4)

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