Retro Old School (Vol – 5)


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Retro Old School (Vol - 5)

Retro Old School (Vol – 5)
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1 Your listening to the 80s flash back show
2 Warning Warning
3 This is the 80s
4 This DJ takes no Iphone requests
5 There will be absolutely no requests
6 The party is over so get the F out
7 The hottest tracks from the best DJs
8 The 80s
9 Taking over the world
10 Taking it back to the old school
11 Let’s take it back to the 80s
12 Let’s party all night
13 Lets get this party started
14 Keeping the party going all night long
15 It’s time to go back into time
16 It’s time to go back in time
17 It’s throwback Thursday Lets take it back to the old school
18 It’s another throwback Thursday
19 It’s another throwback thursday
20 For the next hour nothing but the best classics from the 80s
21 Flashback to the 80s
22 everyone report to the dancefloor
23 Countdown
24 Countdown 5-1
25 Countdown 5-1 faster
26 Classics female longer
27 classics 80s
28 Banger after Banger bitch
29 Back into time with FX
30 Heading back to awesome


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Retro Old School (Vol - 5)

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