Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the frustration of not finding what you need quickly or getting answers promptly. At My DJ Drops, our aim is transparency and providing comprehensive information to instill confidence in your purchase decisions. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions:

Custom DJ Drop : A custom dj drop is a Mix that has been created by a professional DJ for an individual, based on their preferences and tastes.

A custom drop can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used in marketing campaigns to promote new releases or events. It can also be used as a gift for an upcoming birthday or holiday. Those are often used in weddings, as they are unique to that event. They are also used in other special events such as proms, school dances, and other formal occasions.

A custom drops is typically made up of 3 parts: the intro, the breakdown, and the outro. The intro is usually the first part of the Mix that sets up what you will hear during the rest of it; for example, it could be your name being announced or something else similar like an introduction to your party or event.

Turnaround Times: Typically, we offer 24, 48, and 72-hour options, along with the standard 3-5 business days (with an additional fee for expedited times).

Delivery of Drops / Files: For Custom purchases, files are delivered as individual mp3 attachments to the email used for the order. Instant Download purchases grant immediate access via a download link on the Confirmation Page and are also sent via email.

Dry DJ Drops vs. Produced DJ Drops: A Dry DJ Drop contains vocals only, possibly with vocal effects but no sound effects or additional production. A Produced DJ Drop includes sound effects, vocal effects, stutters, adlib samples, and more.

Audio Sample Upload: We request an audio sample of your name to ensure accurate pronunciation. If provided, we’ll revise the drop at no extra cost if mispronounced.

No Audio Sample? No Problem: Record a voice memo or video using your phone and upload it on the website or email it to after placing your order.

Delivery Status: If you haven’t received your drops within the specified turnaround time, check your spam folder. We keep you informed of any delays and encourage reaching out if needed.

Submitting Your Own Scripts: Yes, we accept Fully Custom DJ Drops and Intros. Options include Custom DJ Name Drops, Fully Custom Produced DJ Drops, Fully Custom Dry DJ Drops, and Fully Custom DJ Intros.

Unique Projects: We’re not limited to DJ and Radio Drops; we’ve worked on various projects like Hockey team Introductions, Wedding Reception Introductions, and more. Contact us for custom projects.

Non-DJ Requests: Despite our name, we cater to Bands, Artists, Producers, Nightclubs, Radio Stations, and more worldwide.

Spanish DJ Drops: Yes, our Female Talent is fluent in Spanish and has voiced many DJ Drops in Spanish.

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