Birthday Samples


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Birthday Samples

Birthday Samples
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1 A special shoutout to everyone celebrating a birthday
2 Can i have your attention birthday
3 Come to the DJ booth if its your birthday
4 Happy 21st god bless
5 Happy 22nd god bless
6 Happy Birthday 5
7 Happy birthday to my best friend
8 Happy Birthday
9 If its your birthday come to the dj booth
10 If your celebrating a birthday make some noise
11 its getting hot in here
12 Its midnight happy birthday (US)
13 Its midnight happy birthday
14  It’s time to get hype
15 It’s time to get wild
16 Lets get this party started
17 Now it’s getting lit
18 Somebody scream (Male)
19 Special shoutout to everyone celebrating a birthday
20 Stay connected subscribe to my channel
21 take a day off to celebrate
22 Take your party to the next level
23 The partys over so get the fuck out
24 The perfect Birthday mix
25 We gonna party like its your Birthday
26 we work hard we play harder
27 Welcome to the party
28 Yo girl it’s your birthday
29 Your number one DJ
30 Bonus


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Birthday Samples

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