Urban Male Samples


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Urban Male Samples

Urban Male Samples
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1 You know the vibes
2 Y’all ready to work
3 World Premier
4 We run this shit
5 Vibe out
6 DJ Classic
7 Timeout
8 This is a world wide
9 Taking over the world
10 Stay tuned for the next episode
11 Pump it up
12 Podcast
13 Don’t forget to leave a review
14 Old School Jams
15 From Old school to new school
16 New Music
17 Lets party
18 Lets go 1
19 Lets go 2
20 Give me everything you got
21 Exclusive mix from your boy
22 Dropping exclusives
23 Countdown Female Urban
24 From City to city
25 Brand new music
26 Beast mode activated
27 Are you ready to push it to the next level
28 Are you all ready for this
29 Another hot exclusive mix
30 5-1 (urban male)


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Urban Male Samples

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