Podcast Samples (Vol-2)


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1. Are you ready to push it to the next level
2. Dropping exclusives
3. energise your day with another deep house mixtape
4. Exclusive mix from your boy
5. Here is your host
6. Hot new artist
7. Lets get this party started
8. On Air
9. Online
10. Only on Radio one
11. Play hard or go home
12. Radio Gold
13. The best non stop house music
14. The biggest worlds hits are here
15. This is an original
16. This is the internet’s hottest radio station
17. This is the late night mix
18. this is the place to be
19. Tune in every week for new episodes
20. Ultimate party station
21. welcome to the soundtrack of your nightlife
22. welcome to this afternoons celebration
23. We’ll be right back
24. worlds greatest DJ
25. Your girlfriends favorite DJ
26. Your locked into radio one
27. Your number 1 DJ
28. Your number one DJ
29. your number one station
30. your rocking with the best in the business


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Podcast Samples (Vol-2)

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